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Treating hammertoes in Lakeland

Lakeland podiatrist
Lakeland podiatrist

Taking care of your feet is likely not something that you think about on a constant basis, let alone every day. In general however, you should pay attention to the way that your feet feel every single day, and you should make sure that you look at them once in a while as well. Not only should your feet be kept dry, clean, and well supported throughout the day, but you should also make sure that you noticed any changes in the shape, color, or the overall feel of your feet. Some common concerns can develop overtime, so frequently looking at your feet and examining them can be incredibly helpful, especially when it comes to identifying issues such as hammertoes. Here at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center our Lakeland podiatrist can also provide you with the help you need in terms of diagnosing this issue as well as getting the treatment that you require.

Aside from examining your feet, hammertoes can also make themselves known by the way that they feel. A hammertoe is a foot deformity that affects one of your smaller toes. Do you to friction and pressure, the middle joint of the toe will begin to tense up and bend at an irregular angle, even when it is not prompted by anything else. This will make your toe generally look like a hammer in shape, hence the name. Hammertoes can be painful, especially when you wear certain clothes toed shoes, and the way that your feet and toes rub against your shoes can further irritate and agitate the condition as it is. It can also make the condition grow worse. If you catch a hammertoe early on enough, changing the type of footwear that you use and regularly where can actually help to prevent the hammer toe from getting any worse. But in other cases, you will need the help of a podiatrist in order to alleviate the condition. With the help of our Lakeland podiatrist here at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center you can have custom foot orthotics made for you, you can learn exactly what you need to do in order to alleviate the stress, strain, and friction on the affected toe, you can make the necessary accommodations and get the necessary medications, and you may even benefit from surgery if the joint is misaligned severely enough.

Some people may be genetically inclined to hammertoes, and other foot deformities such as bunions, but hammertoes are generally caused by other outside factors that can be controlled for the most part. The sooner you come to get treatment from our Lakeland podiatrist, the more likely you will be able to avoid more severe and intensive forms of treatment such as surgery, but no matter what we can help provide you with the things you need, even if surgery is required. Here at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center we can help get you comfortably back on your feet again.

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