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Treating bunions in Lakeland

Lakeland foot doctor
Lakeland foot doctor

Many patients go through their lives without experiencing any problems from their bunions. However, when your bunions become painful, you should visit our Lakeland foot doctor at our podiatry practice, Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center; our top-notch podiatrists are, Dr. Tatiana A. Wellens-Bruschayt and Dr. Maria T. Jaramillo-Dolan.

When you have a bunion, you have an enlargement of the joint of the big toe. Bunions can become very painful, if they are left untreated. They can also be extremely unsightly, and make it difficult for the patient to find shoes that fit comfortably. When you have a bunion, you will have a firm bump on the outside edge of the foot, by the base of the big toe. A bunion can become red and swollen, or even painful at the joint. Corns or other types of irritations can develop as well. You may even end up with restricted motion, or pain when you move the big toe. Bunions are not inherited. However, a patient can inherit a certain type of foot structure which will make it more likely that they will develop bunions in their lifetime. Foot injuries or congenital deformity can also contribute to bunions. If you have an occupation which causes you to spend a lot of time on your feet, this also can contribute to the development of a bunion. If you wear shoes that are too tight, or cause your toes to be squeezed together, this too can contribute to bunion development. If you are experiencing bunion pain, our Lakeland foot doctor will be able to provide you with treatments which will make your foot more comfortable, and hopefully keep the bunion from getting larger. Our podiatrists will always recommend conservative treatment for bunion pain before foot surgery is recommended. Padding, anti-inflammatory medications, ultrasound therapy, and wearing prescription orthotics are often recommended for bunion pain. However, if your bunions do not respond to this type of treatment, our podiatrists do offer foot surgery.

For an appointment to meet with our Lakeland foot doctor regarding treatment of your bunion, contact us today.

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