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Treating Ingrown Toenails in Lakeland

Lakeland Podiatrist
Lakeland Podiatrist

Ingrown toenails often cause great discomfort. Our Lakeland podiatrist is dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain the highest quality of foot health possible. This includes the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of ingrown toenails. If they are left ignored, complications can occurs. We will help you to get relief for existing ingrown toenails and also offer guidance and advice to keep you from developing future ones.

When we refer to an ingrown toenail, what we mean is that your nail grows into the skin surrounding it instead of over it, as it should under normal circumstances. This can happen to any of your toes, but it is most common with the big toe. There are specific risks factors and causes for ingrown toenails and our Lakeland podiatrist wants you to be aware of what they are. Do you have nails that are curved or thicker than normal? Ill fitting shoes and improper grooming of your toenails can also contribute to the problem. This happens when you cut your nails too short or you round out the edges. Always take care to square your edges when you trim your nails.

Treatment options vary with the type and severity of each bunion, although identifying the deformity early in its development is important in avoiding surgery. Podiatric medical attention should be sought at the first indication of pain or discomfort because, left untreated, bunions tend to get larger and more painful, making nonsurgical treatment less of an option. To learn more, please call us today.

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