Foot Injury in Lakeland

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Treating Crush Injuries of the Feet in Lakeland

Foot Injury in Lakeland
Foot Injury in Lakeland

If you are looking for an excellent podiatry practice that can treat crush injuries, you will want to visit us at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center. Our expert podiatrist, Dr. Tatiana A. Wellens-Bruschayt and Dr. Maria T. Jaramillo-Dolan, can provide you with treatment for your foot injury in Lakeland.

If you experience any type of foot injury in Lakeland, it is important that you make an immediate appointment to come in and see our podiatrist. With foot injuries, immediate diagnosis and treatment can be critical to your complete recovery, and keep serious problems from developing later on. A crush injury differs from other foot injuries in that it can be more unpredictable in terms of the damage that has been caused, the amount of scar tissue that will form, and the time that is required for healing. A crush injury occurs when a heavy object falls onto the top of the foot, or if it is run over by a car tire. Other times, a foot can be caught between two moving objects. Crush injuries are often work-related but also can occur when a person is working in their garage fixing their car. A crush injury can be extremely serious because the soft tissue damage is often very extensive. Crush injuries very greatly in terms of the foot problems that they cause; each situation needs to be evaluated individually by our foot doctor to determine exactly what type of treatment is needed. There may be open wounds, fractures, dislocations, and other foot problems occurring all at the same time. Open wounds definitely need immediate antibiotic care within six hours, so it is important that you make an immediate appointment with our podiatry practice. It is also important that fractures are stabilized and attempts are made for any swelling to be reduced.

If you suffer any type of foot injury in Lakeland, including a crush injury, simply contact our office immediately and let our office staff know that you need an emergency appointment to meet with our foot doctor.

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