Achilles tendinitis Lakeland

Achilles Tendinitis Lakeland

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Achilles tendinitis Lakeland
Achilles tendinitis Lakeland

Achilles tendinitis in Lakeland can be mild, especially in the beginning. But unless you seek treatment for it, the likelihood is that the situation will grow worse, and lead to pain, possibly severe. We at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center are dedicated to making your walking and other activities a comfortable experience by looking after the well-being of your feet.

When you feel pain just above your heel at the back of your leg, that is where the achilles tendon is located. When it becomes inflamed, that is when you have achilles tendinitis in Lakeland. Repetitive actions are often at the root of the problem. And anything where you use that part of your foot– and that includes running, jumping, participation in many sports, and even simple walking– can make you susceptible. You can get this condition at any age, but the tendon does weaken as you get older, so it becomes more common later in life. Men are more likely to develop achilles tendinitis in Lakeland than women are. Also, certain medical problems or prescription drugs you take can increase your risk. Ask our foot doctor to assess the chances for you. It is wise to come in for an examination because a tendon rupture is also possible, and that is more serious. Diagnosis will be made from a physical exam, x-rays, and maybe an ultrasound test. In some cases, an MRI may be ordered to obtain more detailed images. Treatment may consist of over-the-counter or prescription pain relievers, physical therapy, orthotics (shoe inserts), or some combination of the above. If non-invasive methods are not sufficient to achieve the needed results, surgery may be considered.

When you feel pain, even a minimal amount, in the area of your achilles tendon, you should act promptly to have it evaluated and treated. Call us to set up an appointment for Achilles tendinitis in Lakeland.

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