Best Foot Doctor in Winston

Best Foot Doctor in Winston

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What Are Calluses in Winston?

Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center, our best foot doctor in Winston handles a wide range of foot problems. Ankle surgery, foot and heel pain, bunions, calluses, hammertoes and more all handled at our offices. Our goal is to get our patients out of pain and walking back on their feet as soon as possible. We aim to treat your problem as quickly as possible in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. We want our patients to feel comfortable at our offices.

One of the problems that we often treat in our offices are calluses. Our best foot doctor in Winston can diagnose and treat your calluses. A callus is an area of hard thick skin that can happen on the foot, heel and even outside the big toe. The form from friction and pressure that rubs against a bone spur on the toe or foot. As the pressure increases the skin thickens. Acorn is little different from a callus. This is from small amounts of pressure. Calluses can be painful, and symptoms range from a dull aching pain to a sharp shooting type of pain.

Our best foot doctor in Winston treat calluses with over the counter callus removers. The over-the-counter callus removers used context of acids to peel skin away. It may be need to be administered multiple times. Patients can also try softening the skin over the callus by soaking their feet at home in warm soapy water and rubbing dead skin away. Pumice stones or Emery boards are also good for softening the calloused area. Call our offices today for more information on our services. Over the years we have helped over 65,000 patients And performed over 10,000 surgeries. We welcome you to come into our office anytime. Patients can make an appointment online or call us. We also welcome same-day appointments and walk-ins

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