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Hammertoe surgery in Winston

When your toe joint bends into the flexed position and becomes locked there, you have the condition known as hammertoe. And you should get the expert attention of our specialist here at Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center. Depending on several factors, you may need to take advantage of our hammertoe surgery to correct it. If so, rest assured that you are in expert hands.

There are two types of hammertoes. The first is called flexible. And as its name implies, it is when there is some movement available to your toe joint. It may be minimal, but it’s there. On the other hand, a rigid hammertoe is completely immobile. All hammertoes result from one of several causes, but can always be traced back to excessive pressure on the tendons or joints of the toe. Poor-fitting footwear is a major contributor. Among other possible causes are arthritis and a genetic predisposition. A complete examination by our podiatrist will determine whether or not you need our Winston foot surgery. In cases of rigid hammertoes, it is typically rare that an invasive procedure will be required. Most of the time, a foot orthotic (insert for your shoe) is sufficient, though you may require anti-inflammatory medication, cortisone shots, or physical therapy instead of or in addition to the orthotic. Our Winston foot surgery will nearly always be the proper remedy for a rigid hammertoe. We understand that our patients would usually rather avoid surgery, but it’s done outpatient, with no hospital stay.

When you have our Winston foot surgery done, you can be confident in positive outcomes. The pain and complications of hammertoes are considerably more inconvenient than having a procedure done. So contact us now and schedule an appointment for a consultation to find out if you’re a good candidate for it.

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