Geriatric foot care in Winston

Geriatric Foot Care in Winston

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Geriatric foot care in Winston

Central Florida Foot and Ankle Center is a geriatric foot care in Winston that provides geriatric foot care. We always accommodate same day appointments and welcome walk-ins at one of our 3 convenient locations in Lakeland, Davenport and in Winter Haven.

Without well fitted shoes, patients may develop sores or blisters that make it hard to walk. This can lead to infection or problems that require Geriatric foot care in Winston. Bunions and hammertoes are a common condition that can stem from improper footwear. That’s why we create custom orthotics. Orthotics are devices used to support the foot in the form of custom shoe inserts that help to relieve discomfort and pain. Many diabetics use foot orthotics for relief of their diabetic feet problems. This type of shoe treat foot and ankle imbalances as well.

Our custom orthotics that we make at our Geriatric foot care in Winston office are comfortable and well fitted. The goal of orthotic therapy is to provide support to the patient in the form of a comfortable shoe. We first do a consultation and look at the foot’s impression to create the custom made orthotic. Because diabetes often damages the nervous system, it can results in sufferers being unable to feel sensation in their feet and may affect walking and other movements by breaking down the skin on the feet. This often leads to pressure on the joints, skin and bones of the foot. Orthotics can help ease this condition. Properly fitted shoes can also help. Orthotics help patients live pain free lifestyles so that they no longer have to live with foot pain or poor fitting shoes that make their feet hurt, because foot orthotics can be specially tailored to each patient according to their own special needs. Call today to experience the best in foot care and more.

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